Heading West to Play the "Long" Game

4 years ago my life took a particular twist. At the time I was running nuevoStage.com, a company dedicated to helping young performing artists get on stage. It was a wild ride, but a difficult one. More on that later.

But towards the end of our adventure with nuevoStage, I was randomly invited to join one of my idol's, Clay Christensen, in his think tank. I skipped giddily into the experience knowing very little about what I was getting myself into. It turns out that it was probably the best experience of my life. We researched, we wrote, and I met extraordinary people. I built a tiny blog following with the HBR and went heavy into the rabbit hole that is twitter. I sucked up books left and write. And I thought. I built a perspective; oddly, something I'd gone my entire life without having. More on that later too.

And as someone with the eyes of young entrepreneur in consumer technology, I really started to see a bunch more of the world.

Enterprise software was one of the areas I saw. I got involved with SAP and ultimately was brought into the company to be one of its youngest Vice President's in history. It was a big business and a wild ride. My charge was to help them think about the long term. To obviate disruption and invest in meaningful programs over a 3-10 year timeline. It was an incredible experience. But -- as it is with all good things -- it is now coming to an end.

After years with the business that touches more than 70% of global GDP, I realized it was time to start applying that perspective that I'd picked up and grown so passionate more broadly. Really... with the ultimate goal of helping to fill in the gaps around the future. Asking myself, "what type of change can I embrace and accelerate?"

So we're picking up and heading west. To the land of software companies doing incredible things.

But with the change in location, I also wanted to change some of my vehicles for communicating with you: the world. Over the last two years, I've really retreated to writing only for the HBR. It's great from a reach perspective to some degree... but it's also incredibly limiting. One medium means boundaries. Multiple mediums allows for creativity.

So here we go. I am rekindling the personal blog. (Technically, retiring the old personal blog and starting this one fresh). Expect frequent updates and a lot of stream of consciousness... but hopefully some good thoughts sprinkled in the mix.